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All I Wanted to Know Was How To Collapse a Trachea...

and I find a discussion on whether or not Shen Wu techniques should be openly discussed on a Shen Wu board. Oh, and I learned the difference between a strangle (sealing off blood to the brain) and a choke (sealing off the windpipe!). Yay.

Watched the documentary Hamburger America on Sundance -- not only did it make me hungry, but it introduced me to some unique ways of making hamburgers: in 90 year old grease in Memphis, steamed in CT, the Gooberburger -- a hamburger topped with peanut butter (that's for you, cindyblue), a real Milwaukee butterburger (topped with, yes, a huge pat of butter), Texas' Meers burgers, where they refer to any burger with mayo on it as a sissy burger (AGGGHH!), Green chili burgers in New Mexico, the first hamburger ever (New Haven, Connecticut) and, for the Chicagoans, the Billy Goat Tavern's cheeseburgers (aka SNL's infamous "Cheezbugga, cheezbugga, cheezbugga!"). Mmm...I want a burger really badly now.

Props to the Polish -- The French, proving they can be as racist as anyone else, have been stoking the home fires by invoking the menace of the Polish Plumber (say, the way anglo Californians invoke the Mexican gardener and maid) -- how do the Polish respond? By creating The Polish Plumber. Sounds like porn to me (insert -- ha ha -- Polish joke here).

I'm sending off a story today. Shrugs. We'll see. I like it, anyway.

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