It's About Time...

I've been drifting away from livejournal for some time now, but I guess before I disappear again, I should announce:

I got engaged on Halloween!

Finally, at 34 years old, I'm actually preparing to do that thing that people do.

Abandoning an online blog?

Well, maybe that too.
Angela and Cats!

Let's Talk About the Office for a Moment...

I can't believe I'm typing it, but this season, so far, The Office has been pretty disappointing. Jim is an asshole, Pam is irritating and there's just not enough Dwight -- or Andy.

Did I mention Jim's an asshole? A kiss ass who thinks only of himself? And Pam? Annoying?

I have a feeling this wedding episode tomorrow night might really annoy me....though the prospect of Dwight, Angela, Toby, Kevin, Creed ect. at a wedding IS promising!

Feed the Clown

Where It's 80 During the Day and 45 at Night...

Next Sunday I'll be in Paso Robles, CA attending a wedding. Well, the wedding's Saturday, but the wine tasting is on Sunday.

I hope we go to the same vineyard Real and Chance took the Stallionettes to! (We actually looked into staying at the Madonna Inn, where the girls and brothers stayed -- but before they stayed there -- this was like a month ago. Pathetic? Maybe!)
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Angela and Cats!

Girly Talk!...

I bought a new bra yesterday and I LOVE IT! It's nothing special, Joe Boxer, red with a winking face on one cup (the gentleman friend calls it, appropriately, the Kool Aid Man), but it's the most comfortable bra I've had in years.

And I love it.

Yay, over the shoulder boulder holder (or tiny tiny pebbles, in this case)!
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Chef's Whites

It's All Greek to Me!...

Two things first.

One, call me ignorant of a major world cuisine, but I've never loved Mediterrean food. Italian, Greek, parts of Spain, lower France....not really for me. I love fatty hearty brown and white gravy dishes -- the tomato is good -- don't get me wrong -- but such foods have always kind of bored me. Good Italian is good Italian, but would I spend $100 to eat a haute cuisine Italian or Greek meal? No, I wouldn't.

Two, I always approach Cat Cora episodes of Iron Chef America as "Oh. It's a Cat Cora episode." I know that's terrible, but only Mario Batali got me less excited than her.

So imagine my surprise when the gentlemen friend, his parents and I ate at Cat Cora's new restaurant at Disney World, Kouzzina (that's a link to the dinner menu -- can't find an official site). It was AWESOME!

We started out with the sampler -- two skewers, cashews (sweet and cayenne peppery!), olives, pita bread with hummus and tzatziki (everyone's fave gyro sauce -- yogurt and cucumber). Then I had the flank steak (good, but less exciting than what everyone else got), the GF had the fisherman's stew (AMAZING, especially the red broth, although the chunks of fish, scallops, shrimp, etc. were impressive), his mom, the cinnamon-stewed chicken (mmmm!) and his dad, the pastitsio (they describe it as Greek lasagna, but it reminded me of shepard's pie too -- the meat sauce was cinnamony and the pasta just yummy!). We had dessert -- baklava (formerly my only giant Greek weakness - I LOOOOOOVE baklava. It's in my top five desserts of all time, easy.) and yogurt ice cream, which was shockingly good. Just that little bit of tartness and all that creaminess. Mmmm....

There was an important bit of magic -- Cinnamon. Dude. Meat and cinnamon, yes. I've had that in Middle Eastern cuisine (which I do like quite a bit) on lamb, particularly...but with beef and chicken? Sure!

Which brings us to last night's cooking extraveganza. The GF's parents got us Cat Cora's cook book, so we made our first Greek meal -- Spicy Gypsy mussels (first time cooking those -- and we didn't get sick from them! Yay!), Greek Potato Salad (lemon juice in the dressing, plus kalamata olives making it more Greek) and Peppers Stuffed with Meat (cinnamon among the spices) and Rice. Delicious!

So I will no longer dismiss the Greeks or Ms. Cora. Apologies to both! I was ignorant -- thanks for the education!

"You Seemed Pretty Sure You Were Better Than Most Brooklyn Trash...."...

ladymorgain sent me this from the New York Times and I had to share -- Craiglist Missed Connections Ads reformatted as poetry.

As a former -- and she a current -- resident of Borough Park, this was both of ours favorite (what is the proper grammar for that improper construction?).

Hasidic dude staring at you

You’re probably not surprised
that I was staring at you,
I’m probably not the first one.

I don’t remember what you were wearing
because I so was attached to your face.
You have the most beautiful face
I have ever seen in my life.

All I remember is that you
had blonde hair in a ponytail,
and beautiful blue eyes.

You kept stealing a peak on me,
and kinda measured me (not literally)
head to toe. You didn’t seem annoyed
by my staring, I don’t know why,
most women would.

I had a beard, and sidelocks
(those Hasidic side curls),
blue jeans and a t-shirt.

Email me back
I wonder what you thought of me.
You can even let me know
I was creepy,
so I know.
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Angela and Cats!

Welcome Back, The Office....

I've missed you.

(Even if I'm so not excited about Pam's pregnancy.)

And COMMUNITY! I love The Soup and now, Joel McHale is on regular people TV!

Thank GOD for the fall season. TV has been shit-tastic at the theatre, especially now as TBS is my only cable channel nowadays.